Day 2 in Crete - Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Morning everyone!

As promised, I've got a ridiculous amount of photos from the archaeological museum for you today - you have been warned!

You may want a cup of tea for this one!

I won't comment on each photo (as I can't actually remember what each of the things in the photos actually is... oops!) but I hope you'll enjoy looking at them all regardless! I believe most - if not all - of the items in this museum were found at the site of the Knossos palace. 

The pictures below are of a small scale (but to scale) model of what the palace of Knossos would have looked like when it was still standing!

I hope you enjoyed wading through all of those photos! We had a great time looking around the museum... but after a whole day of slow walking, we were absolutely SHATTERED.

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