A Trip To Skegness

Good morning all!

I've been seriously mia again - this time due to concentrating on finishing my dissertation and final exams. It's all over now, I've finished university!

A couple of days ago Mum and I went up to Skegness for a crafting demonstration she was doing at a shop on the Saturday (I was just there as company). I thought I'd take a few snaps while we were away to share with you!

I must say, while the beach was pretty (apart from the wind turbines in the sea - tut tut!), I don't particularly fancy going back to Skegness - the whole place was like a giant butlins! The craft shop that mum demonstrated at was very nice though, in a little place 20 minutes from Skegness.

The shop in question was Apple Crafts - you can find their website here.

This bridge was the highlight of our journey home - we weren't used to having completely flat scenery all around us!

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