A trip down memory lane...

Here's one for all you cat lovers out there!

I've been a bit MIA again, I know... Lab work has been keeping me busy, and a mishap with a bottle of water has made my laptop a little unreliable - bear with me!

First up is a cute picture of Buddy from a few years ago - he was the best lap cat!

Next we have a photo of myself and Charlie - our current little kitty (not so little now!)

Here's an olddddddd picture of Emma, one of our first cats, and Theo's mom.

And here is an old photo of Molly (left) and Theo (right) - as you can see, my photo skills were amazing all those years ago.... ha ha.

Last, but not least, Smokey. The Queen of the household! What a beauty - you have all seen lots of photos of Charlie and Smokey already. Cute!

That's all for now! I hope everyone is enjoying the 'Summer'! (loving the rain?)

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