Pumpkin Festival

A few weeks back I went to the Pumpkin Festival in Royal Victoria Country Park with Dad. There was loads of stalls with all sorts of pumpkin goodies - soup, cakes, curry, chilli, decorations - and the main event was the giant pumpkin competition! I have never seen pumpkins so big before, they were huuu-uuuge.

One of the stalls had loads of colourful, organic fruit and veg that they'll deliver to your door from a local farm.

We spent ages walking around, eating various things containing pumpkin, then watched the weighing of the giant pumpkins.

They had to use some pretty heavy duty machinery for the weighing!

There was also some huge marrows and a big funny-looking white pumpkin

I've got no idea which pumpkin won, but the one above was pretty giant!

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