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I flew off to Italy a couple weeks ago for our annual girls holiday at Kaya's house in Perugia. I now know that Perugia is in Umbria, just in case you're interested in the geography! 

We had wonderful sunny weather all week, except for 2 days when we had thunderstorms and lots of rain! It was warm regardless so thumbs up for that.

These are pictures of Kaya's house. It's so pretty, and it's located on the side of a hill near to a small town called Ponte Patolli. They have an amazing outdoor pool, and loads of bedrooms. Us girls were staying in the guest house which meant we got our own kitchen - with stocked fridge!! - and a nice big lounge.

They've got a nice big driveway and an electronic gate - I always feel very VIP! We went to a festival in town - called Ponte Patellisimo - on the first night we were there, where we drank a LOT of wine and rode the swing ride 8 or 9 times! We went to a wine tasting the next day - dressed up and feeling very sophisticated - and tried some very strong local red wine.

We went to another festival in city called Bevagna, and this was medieval themed. There were flags and people dressed up wherever you looked.

We all went to a restaurant there that Kaya's parents - and Kaya - were raving about. We were given plates of warm brown bread covered with olive oil and salt. Apparently they don't use salt when making bread, so you are always given a pot of salt for with your bread. We then got plates of cheese and cured meat, and more plates of olive oil-drenched bread.

We were also given tiny bottles of locally brewed artisan beer - served in wine glasses!! I normally can't stand beer, the smell and taste make me feel sick, but this beer was surprisingly nice!

On the wednesday we visited a nearby city called Assisi. It was pretty cloudy and a bit drizzly, but that didn't stop us brits! Armed with brolleys we explored the city.

There was a huge cathedral next to a big square at the top left of the town, and all the stone was really clean and bright.

 Unfortunately us girls weren't allowed in because we weren't wearing enough clothes - no shorts allowed! So Kaya and her other half went in without us and we went shopping!

I'll admit we weren't terribly disappointed about not being allowed in - after 5 years at a catholic school,  we weren't terribly excited about looking at catholic churches!

The storm clouds were rolling in, and it started to rain. Nothing compared to english rain though! And it was still lovely and warm.

We went to the local supermarket on the way home called 'Conad' to get some vodka and orange juice - party night! And Hannah and I came across some huge melons. Definitely picture worthy!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, we only had hand luggage on the plane so I couldn't squeeze my big camera into my tiny suitcase!

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